The torsion bar technology


The torsion bar's unique properties makes it ideal for use in chair mechanisms. The entire principle is based on the twisting of a square or hexagonal steel spring bar. This twisting motion of the bar through a low profile tubular steel housing greatly reduces space requirements in comparison to other spring mechanisms. The result is an unusually durable tilting mechanism that requires very little space between the seat and the base of the chair. 


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Unlike other spring solutions - such as the traditional coil spring - the torsion bar has a linear force buildup structure under load. Return power has the same linearity, -  thus the person sitting in the chair will have a steady upward lift of the chair back to the starting point. The comfort is increased and the customer will experience the chair as more comfortable and luxurious.

By proper adaption to the chair design in reclining chairs, the force of the torsion bar will be able to lift the chair effortlessly back to its upright position. This functionality can otherwise only be obtained using electrical actuators.

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Exceptional durability

The torsion bar spring technology is extremely reliable, with greatly reduced risk of breakage. Ring Mekanikk’s unique treatment of the steel in the torsion bar and the strong housing ensures that the mechanism is practically unbreakable and will retain its properties virtually unchanged throughout the lifetime of the chairIn most cases our mechanisms will outlast the chair itself. 

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The basic principle of our mechanisms has remained more or less unchanged since we made our first prototype almost 75 years ago - proving that the inventor Mr. Finn Lie (1912 - 1999) hit it right the first time around. Mechanisms with torsion bar springs from Ring Mekanikk are today used by some of the most prestigious chair brands in the world. This is in itself is a guarantee that the technology and quality is remarkable. 

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